Why does JSF suck 4 U?
JSF sucks for others because...
Render system is a complete nonsense, a horrible idea that causes dozens of bad side-effects, and that invites you do to bad things.
Pagination sucks
Roman Tenger
No more than a bastardized depraved abhorrent set of non-functional HTML tags.
If I had to choose between getting BBC'ed or use JFS! I would happily choose BBC! FUCK JSF
JSF is love, JSF is life JK It's SHIAAAAAAAAT
It's shit
fucking shiaaat
I love JSF
Pictures wont show
No goddamn Error messages
it is slow and shitty
Just a blank screen, and it doesn't even show what's wrong.
Because nothing works.
Two hours of my day just to make a simple fucking table. I hate this shit.
13 years old developer and OMG THIS FRAMEWORK SUCKS BEARS HARD. Learn proper javascript, html instead of this shitpile of shitty code of doomshit.
JSF sucks because there are 20000 better technologies out there.
it seems to have a mind of its own and just arbitrarily stops work to mock you. such a fragile, shitty framework. the creators should be ashamed. i hope they go to hell for creating this framework
it's shit tech
Java Server Faces should be renamed to Java Server FECES
there is a special place in hell for JSF creators
sorry, it's hard, not for everyone
it`s hard, not for everyone...
it`s hard, not for everyone...
me: 2 years exp: Picked up struts and devloped a crud in 8 hours 8 years exp: Picked up spring & psring mvc and developed a crud in 8 hours 15 years exp: can't undertand jsf, not able to produce a fucking dialog in 4 hours.
Huge Frankenstein of dicks, that's what JSF is.
scheiss jsf
JSF is the total shit in the fucking world PORCODDIO MALEDETTO
Fuck FERI, fuck JSF, piece of shit garbage
I only want to leave here a candle on the grave of JSF [*] rest in peace
It throws sql exceptions like a maniac
If you are an idiot, JSF is not for ya!
y'all niggas suck
JSF - using a bloated framework that hasn't been updated for over a year to achieve something that would have been easier in PHP.
JSF is awesome if you're not a moron.
I love JSF ;)
amk yarragi jsf
i have the same presentation tomorrow. and we could not even solve one shit. the candidate solutions on the web are fucking not working at all, jnot even ust a single bit! fuck you jsf!
edit: the presentation is in the morning by the way
it is fucking non-standart. The code that I have just wrote isn't working now. We are trying to pass data between views or beans and we have tried all fucking solutions in the internet none of them worked. It is 04.44 by now and we have a presentation. It is fucking not working. I need to sleep, I feel like I am in a Truman-kind-of show where some aliens are watching us while struggling to finish the project that is not going to finish. I fucking hate jsf.
es kompletter Schwachsinn ist, diesen Mist heutzutage in einer seriösen Applikation zu verwenden. JSF ist meinetwegen für sehr kleine Applikationen mit wenigen Pages noch ok. Aber wehe Du willst damit eine komplexe Anwendung bauen. Du wirst es bereuen. Es ist ein Alptraum.
because this stupid ui autocomplete is totally breaking my css. why did they put the additionally generated dom element under body instead of making it a sibling to my input field. it sucks. it sucks. we hate jsf, too
null pointer exception
what is this bean you spek ov
JSF is simply a design mistake. Just horrible
Because CSS randomly works.. even on my own fucking divs
Je suis quinaud aujourd'hui
I quit a job when I was aware that I would work with JSF
I'll take a root canal over debugging this shit anyday
Because Antoine use it
I love pain
to the guy below me, do you know how to read logs?
it's brittle, based on XML (a document markup language to write code???) , it's simply painful to debug because it fails silently without explaining why
I looooove JSF it's best framework of the world! Code is running fine.
To the guy below me: you are excusing broken tools without knowing them, as you admit. After JSF I recommend you to write code with a rock, but remember don't blame the technology
after reading some comments, seems like you guys just don't know how to use it... And I think that doesn't exist a way to use something without knowing it... I don't know either, but I don't blame the technology :)
my modal doesn't show up :'(
waste days cause of this fucking selectOneMenu and h:form bug.
my command link has shit all over it when selected
plot twist this website is use jsf lol
plot twist this website is use jsf lol
it really does suck!
is this page written in JSF?
this is one way to ruin the fun of software development
Oracle takes a easy task and complicated the shit out of the easy task.
I love learning Java topics no one knows how to teach.
Because people suck and don't know how to code. JSF is a very complex and feature-rich framework. If programmer can handle it - it's unbeatable.
what the fuck is wrong with the guy below me???
i like it.
It made me think about suicide
I have mental problem because of this hell
f:ajax sometimes re-renders a h:panelGroup on click of a button and sometimes it just ignores the button click.
Created a self made confirm Popup and this dumbass JSF don't wanna let me us it the way it chould be. One day of work was succesfully Killed by JSF. Thanks ver much stupid piece of shit, dumb bastard JSF. Die in HELL
I just met hell
Page refresh redirects to other page, motherf**ker!
I failed my master thesis because of this shit. Thank you JSF
i quit my job thanks to jsf. i had to get through mental health care to get back into programming. i've never been more successful in my life than after leaving jsf behind.
WTF Why is this shit still teached on universities today
Because yes
JSP was heaven comparing to JSF. Ha, even scriptlets were better!
They should pay me damages for wasting my time and money on this shit
Its slow, most of the time is does not work, impossible to debug, a shitload of bugs that never get fixed, produces invalid html and javascript, unreadable code, impossible to get a clue about what a certain page does?.. absolutely a architectural chaos, ONE BIG MESS OF CRAP.. in my company you get fired if you choose JSF !
the floor is jsf
it is so slow
It spams css everywhere, even inline. It looks crap, it performs crap and it is tuneable like crap...
A fucking static HTML5 page has MORE POWER THAN JSF page.
It's the worse piece of shit web technology ever invented. You thought JSPs were bad? HA try JSFs. Do yourself a favor and move to a real web framework like Angular.
That useless shit is impossible to debug. My graduation project requires this shit, i'm doomed.
who the fuck thought that putting fucking java into websites makes sense???
I have no idea why but my school sent me a file in .jsf and I have to print it out. Why the fuck would you create a file not all computers can read for a school!
Si quieres amargar a tus alumnos es la mejor tecnología para ello, si eres masoquista también
es una mierda total, falla por todos los lados. vaya una basuraa, normal vieniendo de oracle
Esto es una gran punta mierda no vale la pena ni nombrarlo que se suiciden sus creadores!!
Because it's ugly like the ass
My project doesn't work and i don't know why/My project works and i don't know why
i hope this site is not written in jsf :P
bing bong
don't fuck with the duck
got jsf @ school. Nothing I hate more than this piece of shit
grandobletirplhptaaaaaaaa me la tienen peledooooooo que digo pelado, PELADISISISIMO. ya
Es una completa mierda porque no me muestra de donde son originados los errores, dure 6 horas buscando un puto error. Imposible de debugear. IT'S A BULLSHIT
Why the fuck would you use Java to create web apps ?? It's heavy as fuck and I'm going to eat my baguette too
Bonjour je suis français et je râle parceque je n'aai jamais utilisé le jsf. Merci. Je vais manger ma baguette
Is bad
This shit is used on SIGAA
my gf sucks more
its so lame , even my jokes are better :P
JSF farebbe bestemmiare anche il papa, StackOverFlowError, tua madre puttana e tutte le altre boiate di sto framework del cazzo
EJB, kill that bastard.
Fucking pagination bitch
De la Cal ten piedad por favor
low develop speed
If there was a button on my desk that relieved me of JSF and gave me cancer instead, i would be inclined to press it.
i didn't see something that stupid in my whole life
JSF is not even a leaky abstraction, it's wrong abstraction
I want to kill myself because of this shit
Yeah fuck the beans
F*#k yo beans!!!!!
What is the right way of implementing a converter for entities?! everyone do this basic thing different way. How to load model data? with viewParam+converter or in viewAction? Today components' API should be client-side, not server-side. No wonder why people choosing Spring over JEE. Ps. JavaEE tutorial is broken what an idiot did that navigation menu? Drop jsf and ejbs from JEE and you will get good platform , though imo bean valiadtion is unnecessary too
because it can't link the right getter and setter pairs for his fucking attibutes
Impossible to debug.
I don't know why I hate J... Maybe it's because I never know why it doesn't work OMG maybe I'm the problem .....JSF makes me go crasy
Schrecklich, Ko*****e verlangt diesen Scheiß von uns obwohl es deutlich bessere Alternativen gibt.
awful, just awful. Theoretically a solution to everything, but in practice it makes simplest tasks hard
JSF flashbacks haunt me daily.
There are no words to describe how I hate it. Tons of unnecessary generic APIs like renderkits, but today there is only HTML that matters. Front-end programming hardly mixed with server-side. Impossible to debug. Crashes all the time. Overcomplicated, overengineered, a BIG BALL OF MUD
JSF lacks of common sense in software engineering. That piece of shit makes more difficult the presentation tier development. Promotes strong coupling. I learn to love other alternatives. JSF never mind.
It made me think about suicide
This website doesn't have the visibility it deserves
It is not my favorite piece of software.
I haz a sad.
because is java
Jsf is a dark shit, because it's undebuggable. Since I arrived on this jsf project 6 months ago (by force) I consider the sucide
Because...its 2016 and I am a frontend developer just trying to do my job!!! But nooo, JSF, you just have to complete overwrite all my markup with your ajax and I have to store your onclick, this, and events everytime I apply an animation that I want to finish before you ruin everything with your complete DOM xhr request.
It just way too complicated, it assumes a programmer can spend 3 whole years to learn it.
Reminder, your boss is monitoring who is contributing to this page ;)
honestly i like it
Signori miei...anche io amo JSF
I hate JSF coz it's the purpose, to be hated
JSF is worse than CANCER
JSF is like.... Trump
Laninho sucks
My name is Bruno and JSF sucks
JSF sucks! this is a bullshit
I hate JSF for no special reason. I simply just hate it!
I hate JSF because has a very slow performance !!!! , very hard to use , KO documentation , no logic in his syntaxe
I Hate JSF , each and every time it has the same problem, Managed Bean not found!! WTF I know I have written code nicely and now it is not working though after the server restarting !!! WTF!!!!
Poque es como Alianza Lima, es decir una cagada y se viene el quino!!!
Thanks to jsf i know the true definition of Sisyphean task.
It's shit.
Can't even fuckin disable a button! Disable a fuckin button! And don't come saying "Oh, just make a variable in your bean and..." bullshit. It's still not working, fuck this thing.
JSF 2 is a great framework for RAD
It's totally pointless, because people keep using it, and will keep using it. It is wrong by design because it's built upon the worst programming language ever to be made by man. Don't come upon me. Learn something about CS. Real CS, not that crap that it's teached nowadays. If Haskell is too much for you then you are worth less than nothing, and I haven't even gotten into ML.
its not hackable
Another thing is how badly integrated are JavaEE frameworks. Puting CDI in JEE6 is like upgrading ship during race
El dolor y la pena es absoluta. He perdido toda esperanza en la humanidad. Muere prime, mojarra y todo jsf
JSF is pure shit. Fucking weird exceptions..... dont use that shit..
I haven't heard of JSF ever before but it looks like pure shit
Those goddamn components that stop working for no reason, god just why
It's so damn unforeseeable if you don't know every last part of it by heart
JSF randomly, permanently fucks up my custom javascript, no matter to which (formerly working) version I revert
REST, mobile, m2m??? Sorry I am JSF and make the stateless http protocol stateful with my fucking lifecycle. Why? Cause I suck!
Let's not load your data if your panel is wrapped in a form. Thanks JSF.
It's not so bad if you can code well
complete bullshit
idots dont know how to use JSF properly
Too much generic, stateful, hard to debug, bugy, hard to learn. I wish it die.
it sucks
which element render time or build time ?
I'm about to get an incomplete or an F in a class because it takes a day to perform the most rudimentary function in jsf. It's actually less functional than JSP!!!!!
Tried to debug a button for two days. Now I am thinking of killing myself.
worst java framework never seen before
Don't ever get in touch with those beans! I tasted them... Now I got brain cancer. Thanks JSF.
JSF is so easy. I don't know why tf you guys are having so much trouble. I could easily do this if I tried.
Onix ja biram tebe.... Urose jebi seee! Primefaces are the so useless shit that i cant described.
it is too weird
Everyday I make a sacrifice to the JSF Gods to bless me with asynchronously updating data tables and functioning forms but it never works. I will continue the struggle.
got my a-hole reamed.
Any faces suck. Heavyweight, buggy, slow. The biggest shit I've ever had to work with.
Fcked by jsf
I tried JSF once, 8 years ago, I am still recovering, PTSD is tough shit.
Fuck PrettyFaces so much!!!!!!!!!!
hot and spicy meat, he he he yeaaa bwoi
Who has time for this fucking bullshit?
Those fucking radio buttons are giving me a headache! Last try and then I will chop my dick in pieces and feed it to the seaguls
I am Spyros and JFS sucks because I cannot even create a single fucking stupid view! Fuck my life!
Nothing works as it should. It's just a fucking not really working asp.net wannabe. Look at PrimeFaces DataTable and try to use options like frozen rows pagination and so on together. Nothing is working. The headers don't fit the culomns. It's just a big mess. If I had known before, I would have written my own faces, instead of trial and erroring buggy controls.
The person who did this site is a complete idiot! Fuck youuuu
it allows your mates to code dirty
Why was this page not made with prime faces?!?!
No tabs
I'm Billy and I hung myself because of this.
I hate JSF; but at least it has AJAX SUPPORT
Goodbye cruel word. JSF has made me kill myself.
i am forced to use this n now i have cancer
Things work, then without any change they don't and after you close it and leave for an hour it works again without any code changes.
Because shit always broke and I want to cry.
FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext().getSession(); WTF is this bullshit!
It does random shit, it's impossible to debug, and it's completely counter intuitive for any application that is more complex than a fucking login form. Fuck you, JSF, fuck you in the ass.
JSF suck, it's a bag of poop.
our scalability plan failed because of JSF. It stores the whole HTML in session...really more then 3MB per call. session replication or sharing is not possible with JSF
Error Traced[line: 115] Attribute name "data-topbar" associated with an element type "nav" must be followed by the ' = ' character.] with root cause.. Just tried to add Foundation on my jsf.. It sucks.. Left me clueless
So you have an action attribute on your h:commandButton, but it doesn't work? Oh, it doesn't work because the commandButton is of type="button"! Seriously... Do yourself a favour and stick to HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You'll need it anyways.
FacesContext? More like FecesContext!
Debugging and exception handling is a PITA. update= is horrible... there are naming containers and non naming containers and beware if you use include and access an outer naming container blablablabla. WTF!!
so much easier to learn js and css, java devs are lazy that's why jsf was created
Let us throw an exception because you got somewhere else an exception. And on top of that let me give this exception to inform you that you've got an exception.
its impossible to write something more complex than CRUD. custom components? HAHA GTFO!
It does not suck. You guys are crazy.
did not facilitate Single Page Application
JSF is as if a dog pooped on the floor, then licked his own poop and in the end licked your face. When I open my JSF project i can almost feel the stench.
JSF is as if some Orbital architect [because he lives in vacuum] had brilliant idea of developing a written language that enables one person who can read but not write (aka frontend dev) and another who can write but not read (aka backend dev) to communicate together in writing. And OFC the end result being a yet another new written language the neither of those persons can read NOR write at all.
try creating a custom component that actually do something ... WTF !!!
JSF is freaking Nonsense !!!!
Learning curve is fucking long + Java horible ERRORS
I spent another 2 days to let BIRT reporting and JSF running on Tomcat. It is fucking horrible to configure Myfaces. 1. A lot of versions, who knows which one is working for my project? 2. A lot of stupid config files, can you imagine 1.1.20 and 1.1.12 are not working with same config files? 3. What the fuck is tomahawk? Which tomahawk should I use with differen Myfaces? 4. Tomahawk is sucks, I used Myfaces-X.X.X-example.zip config files and web.xmls in my project, it is not working! 5. Still not support other staff, does Myface and Tomahawk has tags for Amcharts or BIRT? No, baby, you never finds them, finally you know what, our senior uses Struts and Servlets to help JSF! - JSF is a disabled technology!
html5? pass-through attributes? Sounds like a ugly joke. OmniFaces? Great another workaround package to get it work. Too slow? Configure your application? How to configure a Lifecycle bug? With another piece of ugly workaround "frameworks"?
"No HTML5 support"? Try JSF 2.2 and/or add OmniFaces. "No good widgets"? Add PrimeFaces, RichFaces, etc. "Too slow"? Configure your application correctly and learn performance coding. "Too complicated"? Add OmniFaces. Noobs...
because Method must have signature "String method(), String method(), String method(String), String method(String, String), String method(String, String, String), String method(String, String, String, String), String method(String, String, String, String, String), String method(String, String, String, String, String, String), String method(String, String, String, String, String, String, String), String method(String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String), String method(String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String), String method(String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String), String method(String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String), String method(String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String), String method(String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String), String method(String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String), String method(String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String), String method(String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String), String method(String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String), String method(String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String), String method(String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String, String)" but has signature "void method()" every fucking time
We recommend JSF to companies that have lots of money that our consulting company wants to milk forever
Because I haven't seen bigger shit... does someone know where can I send a big plastic cock for the most shitty tool ever award?
There ar much better things. See HybridJava.
Any java-based piece of shit suck anyway.
Because its suckness is by design.
i think there are easy alternatives instead of this jsf
Because of its name!
It's cannot run on OSGi platform!!!
Extract from package: javax.faces.context: public abstract class FacesContext { @SuppressWarnings({"UnusedDeclaration"}) private FacesContext defaultFacesContext; private boolean processingEvents = true; private boolean isCreatedFromValidFactory = true; private static ConcurrentHashMap threadInitContext = new ConcurrentHashMap(2); private static ConcurrentHashMap initContextServletContext = new ConcurrentHashMap(2); public FacesContext() { Thread curThread = Thread.currentThread(); StackTraceElement[] callstack = curThread.getStackTrace(); if (null != callstack) { String declaringClassName = callstack[3].getClassName(); try { ClassLoader curLoader = curThread.getContextClassLoader(); Class declaringClass = curLoader.loadClass(declaringClassName); if (!FacesContextFactory.class.isAssignableFrom(declaringClass)) { isCreatedFromValidFactory = false; } } catch (ClassNotFoundException cnfe) { } } } ... } WTF!
Because pentesting a JSF application is a pain. <a>
Long time java programmer. Wasn't happy with spring JSP for being slow and cumbersome. Tried JSF and had the same problems, but with added complexity. Moved my client to AngularJS/html and changed our server API to return JSON and couldn't be happier. If you are trying to find a client side framework find a pure JS/HTML/CSS solution.
This is the real problem when doing advanced stuff. Finnaly they are going to fix it. http://jdevelopment.nl/jsf-22/#1129
None of you all has understand the 2010's (and beyond) strategical cornerstone: Design is much more important than a few ms gain of Performance...
No HTML5 support. No good widgets. Too slow.
Resore View: 250 ms Render Response: 300ms Traffic: 100bytes Machine: i5 650 @3.2 // 16gb ram // localhost WTF!!!!!!!!
Simple posts render the whole tree again in the server side. Slow! Terrible to be integrated with java script! Component development is so difficult! Terrible to scale!
Installation was too complicated.
To complicated. To buggy. To silent (in error case). Bad IDE support even when using Netbeans or Eclipse with JBoss Tools 4. But MOST of all: Because the lifecycle is a design BUG! Its not possible to create a scalable high performance web application with the possiblity of using multiple tabs.
Really annoying even for some basic stuff...
It is far too complicated and things don't work well. Especially when using scopes with rich faces and the other crap libs.
My navigation rules were working fine, didnt change a line of code not working anympre.... The generated code is ugly as fuck, you cant trust the behavior of this piece of shit.
JSF rules! The best web framework in the Java world ever!
today I lost the entire day trying figuring out how the fuck the life cycle works! piece of shit from the space! I just want generated HTML my fucking lord! After trying, check out SpringMVC if you still likes to have weekends.
I have studied the JSF cycle and all stuff required to build a good jsf ajax-based application. But, I got no problem when I have only static pages. If I have to implement dynamic things like dynamic tabs with dynamic content, I fear for my weekends. And this is the kind of task that with only HTML and JQuery in the view I make easily in my Rails projects, just exchanging data in json format or the erb generated partial views. In the JSF world I prefer primefaces than anything. It is the best JSF toolkit but still is JSF...
"Are you guys kidding me ? Each and every rant is about people who don't even know the life cycle of an object and want to be called programmers..." ..if ur gona TRY and defend this nonsense don't use the term "life cycle", I mean JSF and it's 7 stage life cycle, now that's a whole new definition of "over-kill".
you dont have access to nuts and bolts of the client side application. when you get any kind of problem (pretty common if you are unlucky enough to go with some sh*t like richfaces) then you are totally stuck. and i see all these posts from poor users like 'how can i use jquery' or some other lib and they realise they now have to make a paradigm shift because the 'we provide the full stack you need' bullshit turned out not to be true. library interop should never be a big deal.
Because is very similar with ASP Web Forms. Both are dead technologies.
JSF does not support HTML5 properly. Try to modify how tables are rendered (almost impossible). JSF does not separate the view from the model. Try to have an HTML/CSS web-designer create a mock-up for a JSF project. JSF mandates use of the bean-model with public get/set methods. This violates important software engineering pillars like encapsulation, information-hiding, consistency and immutability. JSF does not have a controller, violating MVC patterns. The most recommended JSF method is to have backing beans return the URL to the next page, the reverse of having a central controller. There are tons of bugs in JSF 2.x STILL after years of evolution. Upgrading to the latest version of whatever component is not an option for commercial organizations (x breaks y, etc).
Orrible generated HTML, ugly unbookmarkable links, redeploy everything when you change a single line, esoteric and vague error messages, stack traces even less useful, awkward insertion of HTML entities and EL has no type safety destroying the most important feature of Java. Compared with every other framework I've ever used is BY FAR the worst from every point. It's relatively easy when you create small basic forms, and becomes an hell if you try something more complex. I still haven't find a single use case where is more suitable than JSP.
Are you guys kidding me ? Each and every rant is about people who don't even know the life cycle of an object and want to be called programmers...
Cuz it's 2013 and I still have to fuck with JSF1.1! Validation really really SUXX!
The internet web pages are not a set of fucking tags! You idiot, there are so many internet elements which the fucking JSF was not covered. Using the JSF you can not even import Foundation CSS.
This fucking thing is out of date. It tries to translate the all the JSP elements into tags, but for god sake there are so many many things(Reports, jscripts, animations...............) which can not be completed by using fucking tags, so I have to use servlet and jsp again!!! WTF
The only proper documentation is BalusC! Hopefully he will not getting eaten by a volcano or so ....
Because its totally unintuitive, nothing is working as expected, the complexity is very high for the outcome, i dont see really any feature added that cant be archived easier with jsp + jquery. In the beginning it looked promising, but when you have to get projects done with it, you see how unproductive and useless complicated it is ..... will never ever take a cent for writing JSF!
Because migration of fucking customer components based on RichFaces3 and JSF1.2 to RF4 and JSF2 is hell. Bugs of RF4 and deep changes in packages is a very small part of this hell
JSF sucks because it's not primefaces.
Way to complicated for "just" HTML Output. Much overhead, Developers do not get it right even after years. Maintainance is hell. It runs behind current HTML development. For instance: HTML5 Support is still not in the stable version. Debugging and bugfinding is hell. JSF sucks big time.
because nothing is working as expected!
Fucking hard to understand.. When you google you get a lot of theory to understanding a fucking 'How to clear an input'. Im about 2 weeks to build a form with freaking beans
You are all ignorant n00bs!
You have absolutely no fucking idea about how those alien-like codes and rules work. After one month's programming, I have absolutely no impression about those codes at all when they're taken off from my eyes. This is abnormal.
because it uses xhtml and it all tutorials are from like 10 years ago
Because the best documentation is BalusC on stackoverflow. If he gets hit by a bus we're screwed.
35 seconds minimum to deploy any code change, no matter how minor.
Just danwed on me what JSF actually stands for, stands for the many expletives one uses when trying to get this crap to just work: Jes*s.. Sh*te.. For fu*k sake just work!!!!!
It adds nothing to an application, other than complexity. It serves no useful purpose.
The below is oh so true ..but using JSF rather than prue HTML and / or JSP etc., what IS the point in that, like having a dog and barking yourself :O !!!
Try getting useful errors out of JSF. Most of the time it will fail to tell you something is wrong and just silently ignore everything. Leaving you clueless.
JSF sucks because: It has poor design - it was designed to have reusable components, but u can not use components from one JSF library in another (if u think u can, try to mix RichFaces with IceFaces and ADF) It does not meet modern programming model. The integration with Ajax is very imature and complex. It's very complex and even SUN technology evengelists almost ALWAYS fail to tell u a jsf life cycle without making several errors. USE GWT for Web Applicatons and SpringMVC for sites. Peace.
It's a Pseudo Web Framework. For old and stupid programmers that don't want lean what is HTTP and have fear of JS.
If you think JSF sucks, try ADF - and yes it is built on top of JSF
2 weeks and I can't get a fucking "hello world" program to run.
JSF is like a nuclear bomb to kill a ant
Documentation Sucks! ViewState in Client has a lot of bugs, and it is too heavy; The lifecycle is hard to understand and doesn't provide an "onLoad" event phase (with all properties , attributes and values from request updated), forcing you to put logic in getters and setters; You CAN'T skip validation Phase on simple action buttons. Whyyy????? The UI components (RIchfaces and Primefaces) has a lot of stupid bugs. IT's an immature technology. Etc
It's annoying that different parts of the markup are evaluated at different stages of the application request cycle. Some tags can access the application's objects, but some tags are evaluated before the objects are created. It's crazy. I looked into using radio buttons today. I can't believe how unnecessarily complicated it is to use radio buttons in my own layout. If I just want a group of radio buttons with nothing else, it's fine. However, if I want to include something else, say for example, a text field that goes along with a radio button, the group of buttons needs to be interrupted to make room for the text field. A new group of buttons needs to begin after that if there are more radio buttons to display. The result is that the later group of radio buttons have a different name than the buttons before it, so it's like having two different sets of radio buttons.
It sucks when it comes to both development and user experience. The latency is frustrating, even though the state is kept on server. Its bugs are many and require configuration hacks to make the most simple things to work. Something that I could have developed in GWT in about 3-4 hours, takes at least 1 day in JSF & Facelets, another stupid technology built upon jsf.
it really fuckin sux!
Java is for idiots anyways. JSF and Java EE is worse than PHP and that says a lot!
I didn't get this crap to work for the most simple examples without running into obscure exceptions. Try GWT, it's WAY better.
I hate his layout bugs
Requires a lot of configuration and hugely dependant on 3rd party jars which can, do and have gone out of support by our production runtime, nice!
JSF has to be the worst MVC web framework ever invented, I'm not a fan of the MVC pastern from the outset but this just illustrates how it should be avoided. If your running Java and want / have to use MVC, then use Struts, don't touch JSF with a 10 foot pole, you'll only regret it ..or as in my case; the people coming after you to support your rubbish will only hate you, and rightly so! JSF is obtuse and makes Web development over complicated, a daily struggle and turns something which should be fun into something you'll hate doing, with it's catalog of hanus faults that's the worst crime JSF commits!
Is the slowest technology i have ever seen. Useless for big data/ high performance applications.
Because it does not allow for direct navigation to actions. It counts on xhtml pages to call backend actions to populate data which is the opposite of how a sane framework works.
Because it tries to force you to use panel grids instead of regular old tables. What the hell is wrong with colspans?!?! Because commandlinks are terrible slow. Don't believe me? Try it for yourself. Make a test page with 100 links and grab a bite to eat.
Terrible, TERRIBLE... did I say TERRIBLE??? Very complex when trying to do a large web app with it. Java classes/beans hold way more than the business logic, like filters, etc just to get the display to be right. Fails miserably at separating view from model (most details in XHTML file, can't reuse view with another bean/project). Did I mention SLOW? Who came up with this garbage?!?!!!!!!
The most part of no experienced business customer don't ask what is the technology you use, so why use JSF. Non sense do the same thing in difficult manner.
It's trying to solve a problem that never existed. But by doing so it introduces a big bunch of new problems. In the end 80% of development time is around "hacking" JSF to: 1.) Work at all, 2.) Work at least somehow close to what you wanted.
It's clumsy and too many hacks are required to even get the simplest of functionality working.
I'm engineer; this technology is used only by ultraexperience programmers or scientist, it's very hard to understand. I like ASP and ASP.NET; also there too difference between JSP and JSF. This is different for asp world
Because JSF vomits the most inefficient verbose and awful HTML ever imagined [=FAIL], it uses JavaScript for layout [=FAIL], and develops its own version of CSS [=FAIL]. The difference between a Dyson and JSF: eventually even a Dysan's dirt bag has to be emptied; JSF never stops sucking.
Doesn't do everything you need, so you have to code round it with Filters and etc, but then it makes it really difficult - nigh on impossible to do what you need in Filters in concert with JSF. I HATE IT WITH A PASSION
I hate the fact that it is stateful!
cause it makes ajax so easy, programmers use it EVERYWHERE. so it is fuckin impossible to use the browsers back button.
It's been an immature technology for more than 7 years
Holding state on 2 ends of the application is pointless. The only place where the application state should be kept is the browser.
Because JSF is an inconvenience that impedes anything resembling sane web development.
Because I'm supposed to be a java programmer, but I'm spending 80% of my time crossing my i's and t's with this worthless garbage.
Because for hot-reloading money must be paid!
It takes 1 second to toggle a button's visibility using rendered attribute
The Flash request scope is totally messed up
It does not use the server's system time by default
Having multiple loops in thesame template, or nested loops totally messes mojarra up
It uses the character ":" by default when generating ids which totally screws you when trying to write CSS selectors in unit tests, selenium tests or CSS
It uses POST for everything including links
There is no If statement in the templating
ServerSide technology, for billion users?
It is a reflection of how Sun tries to catch up to Microsoft (ASP.Net) when it had the right path all along (Struts, Spring MVC)... ASP.NET MVC now goes back to what Struts is all along
The Web is inherently stateless - JSF tries to do the wrong thing all along
JSF lacks simplicity. Totally.
It uses POST for all, even for links.
Comments are not comments unless they are comments!
Because XML != HTML+CSS+JS
JSF does not embrace core web technologies
Documentation sucks big time!
People who created RichFaces must be morons! See the source code that created every single attribute line by line in a 10-or-more-screen method? WTF???
Components are a bitch to create!
It's immature and hard to understand